Developing low cost and efficient designs of box and concentrator type solar cookers in Pakistan.

A number of public sector organizations are active in this field and have supplied a number of such cookers to rural areas. The Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET), routinely organizes training workshops on the use and maintenance of such devices. The number of solar cookers in
 use in Pakistan is more than 2000. Pakistan is going to popularize solar cookers to reduce the use of precious forest resources as fuel wood.

Solar cookers come in two types: box types that are more suitable for baking the food, and concentrating (parabolic) type that works at high temperatures. Foods prepared in solar ovens keep their natural flavor and taste and retain their vitamin content. Less oil is required for cooking in the solar oven, therefore, solar oven cooked food is good for weight conscious people.

Concentrator type solar cookers

Description: concentrator type solar cookers
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