ADcase – best way to protect your iPhone

ADcase is almost like a transformer with a high-tech protective for your iPhone. This smart case will pops up to protect your phone when you drop it. It works like a airbag and it is reusable.

This Damping Case will protect your phone from the destructive force of gravity with four legs that will open up when your device is in danger of dropped on a surface.

This device knows when the phone is actually in a fall and when it’s simply just moving around by sensing acceleration.
This case can detect when your phone is on a fall so it knows when to implement its legs into a protection action to provide 360-degree protection.
These tiny devices, also known as accelerators, can sense the standard acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s^2) on an object. Whenever these devices begin to fall it will quickly shifts to zero because objects fall towards the Earth at the same rate. So whenever a measurement of zero comes up, the case springs into action.

Some awesome features is that it has a 360-degree protection. It is
reusable and have wireless charging. But it also comes with a extra battery and you can charge by wire.

No more crashed smartphone with this ADcase!