How it feels to use AI smart alarm clock?

Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock

Great days begin with great mornings, wake up on the right side of the bed every day with the Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock. BONJOUR is the smart alarm clock connected to your calendar, appointment reminders, weather, and traffic, which helps you to make your day productive and effective. This smart alarm clock warns you in case of traffic jams and allows you to start the day without stress.

Bonjour is also able to give you tips and advice to improve your sleep. Over time, Bonjour is able to learn and anticipate your schedule and activities to better serve your needs and be a better assistant. Incredibly, Bonjour can even determine who’s talking about using the built-in Biometric Identification feature. With this, Bonjour is able to personalize the information you hear to make your day productive and effective.

This alarm clock will wake you up just the way you want it. It can be with your favorite artist from Spotify, some sweet words, the news from web radio or even a bugle call. Just the way you want it! Another feature is that this alarm clock has voice-controlled AI that turns it into your personal assistant. Bonjour features a warm and welcoming female voice to inform you of possible traffic, weather for the day, and can respond to your every request. You can voice control your house with BONJOUR. It is connected to Smart bulbs, smart thermostat, security cam and so much more.