Keep your child safe with Verizon GizmoWatch

 Verizon has announced a new addition to its lineup of smartwatches but for kids (built for kids between the ages of 3 and 11 years old)— the Verizon GizmoWatch!

Verizon GizmoWatch is a great communication device for kids and it helps you to keep them safe, this smartwatches offers a variety of fun and useful features and still keeping your child’s safety in mind. Some of the features is to Track steps, set fun and encouraging fitness goals or schedule events that pop up on the smartwatch’s display. The GizmoWatch is the first device in the lineup that can offer a 4G LTE connectivity, so your child can have a fast connectivity most of the time, especially if the child will stay within of a city. GizmoWatch is easy to use and have a basic user interface that shows the time on the screen and allows kids to be able to message their parents quickly and easily.

Parents also have a lot of control over how the watch is used. Parents can pick up to 10 phone numbers that can connect to this smartwatch — any other phone number will not be able to call or send anything to the kid’s smartwatch. And with the GizmoHub app for Android and iOS your child can send funny voice recordings, emojis and text messages for a quick and easy way to inform the trusted guardians that everything is okey. Parents can also pick up to 20 pre-approved messages that can be sent. Another feature is that you can manage screen time, you can turn off the GizmoWatch or adjust how long it will stay open. You can also set the watch to quiet mode from the settings in GizmoHub app. You can remotely control settings with the GizmoHub app’s monitoring features. All of this can be controlled through the accompanying iOS or Android app.
With the device, parents can track their kids’ movements in all the time with a Real-time GPS.
As a parent, you know there’s nothing more important than knowing your kid is safe. And the GizmoWatch teaches kids independence while still allowing you to monitor their location via the GizmoHub app on your phone, tablet or connected device. There will be Data usage applies for app download and use. By setting customizable GPS parameters, you can dictate where and how far your child are allowed to go and if the child will go longer then that or the places then it will send an automated alert. It has four days battery life and the device features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, which is the chip found on most flagship Wear OS smartwatches from last year.