Prank your package thief with glitter-bomb

Want to protect your packages during a home delivery?

Home delivery is a efficient and convenient way to get your packages to your home. But what if your package doesn’t show up on your home, even though the carrier’s tracking says it was already delivered? Once it is stolen you will experience the frustration of a missing package and the hassle, delay and expense of trying to maybe replace it. Nah! We all know that you will not try to reorder your missing item. You will simply delay it until you find a safer method to get your packages home.

This genius gadget will surely keep away your package thief!

To get revenge on thieves swiping packages from doorsteps, ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober decided to use his engineering background and built parcels with a pound of glitter and fart spray that burst out with a huge mess and smell when the lid was lifted.

This is how it works: On the custom printed circuit boards it has a built-in accelerometer. When it would been touched it will check the GPS signal to see if it’s been moved from the spot. If that’s the case. It will send signal to all the phones and they will start to record. It will record with four phones that have a wide-angle. To make sure that they will be able to capture the thief from all side. The four phones in the package will record thieves and also capture their location through the GPS system on the phones. All four phones have LTE data plans so they upload the footage to the clouds so you can see what happened. There is a charge port on the bottom that you can recharge all the batteries so the system keeps working.

Once package is opened it will unleash a pound of glitter along with fart smell. The cam on a small motor will sprays fart spray five times every 30 second. And on top of this item it has a cup that spins from a motor underneath. You put some glitter there and once lid will be lifted the glitter fires in all directions and glitters will be everywhere. Glitter and fart – what a great combo!