Square Off – World’s Smartest Chess Board

Square off

If you don’t have anyone nearby and you still don’t want to play alone but still want to play on a traditional chess board then this is definitely something for you!

With this Square off you can get the traditional feel of a Chess board but still get a great human and computer interaction. This is worlds smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. You can play against with the artificial intelligence of this chessboard so it can make you even smarter with her 20 different difficulty levels. And it can let you watch every move made of the other players right on your chess board.

Square Off have play chess server with over 200,000 registered users so it will also let you play with others online so it can turn any match worldwide. Even if you choose to play with others online, will this automated board reflect the move of your opponent and show every step right on your chess board, how great is not that!?

Other things you can do is live stream while playing and it will also let you record those matches so you can watch them later.

Their future plan is to make more games that have a similar human and computer interactions. And to do that, they will update the app and replace the surface so you can be able to play any other games you want like LUDO, Word Search Puzzles etc.

Credit: www.indiegogo.com