Surface Book 2 – Powerhouse performance

With Surface Book 2 you will experience up to 4 times more power than before and up to 17 hours of battery life. Amazing graphic with a great gaming experience will now come in two sizes: the new one 15” or a 13.5” with PixelSense Display. The software has the latest quad-core Intel processors (8th Gen Intel Quad Core i7 PC) and the best graphics performance with the latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Memory (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5). With a click, you can easily detach the screen and turn it opposite and put it back, just the way you would feel more comfortable.

Eye Control – which let people with disabilities to use a compatible eye tracker, such as a Tobii Eye Tracker.  And this eye tracker will cooperate on screen, mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech using only their eyes. And there will be also another feature that makes it easier for people with learning difference like dyslexia. With this new feature update, you will be able to listen to text in web pages or get the text highlighted.

Windows Mixed Reality –  Headset will be bundled with motion controllers to provide great Mixed Reality experiences. The specification will be different depends on which headset it is, but you can get those headsets from Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Windows Mixed Viewer – will bring reality to the PC by simply using the camera then you will be able to see 3D object into where you actually are surrounded by. You can mix and add different things like people, places, things or anything that you can imagine. And with their photos app you can easily convert photos into memories and videos you can add different things like 3D effect, Ink, transitions, soundtrack, theme and no editing experience required.

Microsoft Surface Dial accessory – it is a round shaped tool where you can click that on the screen and use it to scroll, change brightness, change colour, turning up and down the volume and more. Dial also works great with Adobe Photoshop CC so you will have a great studio all-in-one with this Dial.  It almost works like a mouse but with this new device, you can spin around to find your creativity.

Microsoft Surface Intelligent Ink Pen – with this  Intelligent Ink pen you will be able to unleash the power of office with any word program. This pen is great for those that like to have a naturally linked to the feeling of having a real pen on their hand and be able to write with it on a screen directly. The great with this is that everyone has a unique writing style and that will be visible with this Intelligent Ink Pen. It will make your life easier because many things can be very challenging to do on a keyboard (etc math).  This pen will also work great to do any office work and even any painting work on your surface.  This Next Generation Surface Pen is designed to compliment next-generation screen,  reduce the latency between your ink strokes and the display to levels “virtually imperceptible” to the human eye. And this Surface pen is the fastest digital pen in the world, making it twice as responsive as the Apple Pencil.