The Ultimate Phone for Gamers – Razer Phone

Razer company is very famous for their gaming market and they are behind a multiple of accessories aimed at the gaming market and is now hoping its legions of fans to buy this device.

Razer Phone is built for gamers, with high-end specs, silky smooth screen and powerful stereo speakers. This smartphone is built to make gaming as good as possible and also be able to have this smartphone for everyday use. The cover of the phone is black matt finish with their logo on the back. One feature of this phone is that is has a unique cooling system.  The phone will create a heating cooler that uses the metal frame of this phone to cool down the CPU.

Its 5.7-inch LCD IGZO QHD (1440 x 2560) display protected by Gorilla Glass and is the world’s first 120Hz refresh rate on a smartphone, and it’s flanked by Dolby Atmos-tuned stereo speakers. Powered by UltraMotion technology and accurate touch response, you get zero lag or stutter. With 12MP dual cameras, you have complete versatility whether you’re snapping a group shot or zooming in on the action. Equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery you can watch, listen and play as much as you want without ever being caught with a red battery bar. Razer has opted for LCD technology over the brighter, more colourful AMOLED tech because it has the ability to deliver higher rates and frame rates, it is a great feature for 3D gaming.

Credit: razerzone