This machine will iron your clothes in only three minutes!

Effie is the ultimate iron machine using the perfect combination of both heat and steam. It allows you to take your clothes directly from the washer and hang them on the machines rail.  You can hang up to 12 articles of clothing and the result will be: dried, neatly pressed, and wrinkle-free clothes.

With just a press of a button, Effie gives you the perfectly pressed clothing. And the best part, it takes only three minutes to dry and iron each time the Effie machine is a huge time saver. Effie comes with a touch-up tool connected to the device. Featured with an app, users will know the exact moment when their clothes are dried and pressed. You will get a real-time notification that your dress shirts are ready.

Another feature is that Effie has a pressing system which recognizes if clothes have a cotton blouse or a silk dress. And will adjust the pressing technique depends on what fabric the clothing has. So you can simply put any kind of clothing whether it is silk, polyester, cotton, denim or viscose, simply line them all up on the machines rail and let the ironing machine do the job.  As the last touch, if you want your clothes to smell nice and fresh. You can add fragrance pods as an optional and you can purchasing replacement pods and hangers through Effie.