VeinViewer Flex – will save you from multiple needle pricks

This digital technology will save you from unnecessary needle pricking during your next doctor visit!

The vein viewer is from Christie Medical holdings and makes it easier to spot the best vein and seamlessly insert an I.V. on their first try. This technology will save you from multiple needle pricks.  VeinViewer Flex is easy to use with a maximum portability.

The technology back of it is that it uses HD imaging and Df² technology with a near- infrared light and a computer program. Projected with the near-infrared light will be absorbed by blood and reflected then the information will be captured, processed and projected digitally in real time directly on your skin. Thats how doctors  will be able to see your veins in real time and find the right spot of your veins. VeinViewer Flex uses harmless near-infrared light to detect veins and then projects a real-time. VeinViewer Flex is the best device of its kind for use in all environments, including hospitals, care facilities and homes.

This technology will save you from multiple needle pricks.