Volterman is the Superman of Smart Wallets

Volterman smart wallet is the world’s most powerful smart wallet and extremely lightweight, thin and made from premium quality materials.  This is the new smart wallet that you would want to keep with you because this smart wallet will assist you more than ever.

This smart wallet has five smart functions and those are:

Built-in Power Bank –  so you can charge your smartphone on the go. You can charge your smartphone both wirelessly and with cable.

Distance Bluetooth Alarm System – will notify you every time you leave your wallet or phone behind. So now you don’t have to worry that you might forget your phone or wallet but just make sure you don’t forget them both at the same place. Since there will be a distance Bluetooth alarm system between your phone and Volterman wallet.

Thief Detector Camera – There’s a tiny camera in the wallet that becomes active only on a lost mode. And it will take a snapshot of who opened the wallet and email you the pictures so you can see who opened your wallet when it was lost.

Global WiFi Hotspot – this wallet has a global WiFi Hotspot so you will have internet all over the world, it is a great feature if you like to travel.

Global GPS Tracker – Global GPS system will track your wallet globally in real-time, from Africa to Siberia. So this feature will inform you where exactly your wallet is, just in case if you lost your wallet or got it stolen. This feature is free to use and without any hidden charges or fees.

Credit: www.volterman.com