Volvo Trucks Vera – The new autonomous transport solution

Volvo Trucks Vera is finally here with self-driving electric truck with no cab.! 

Vera is a autonomous electric vehicles and Vera is going to be a part of a larger system and has the potential to make the transport safer.  With highly repetitive, short-distance transport flows.  The autonomous electric vehicles will operate together in a network and each vehicle will be connected thought a cloud-based service and the transport control center. The vehicles are equipped with sophisticated systems for autonomous driving. They are designed to locate their current position to within centimeters, monitor in detail and analyse what is happening with other road users, and then respond with high accuracy. As with an industrial production process, speed and progress are tailored to avoid unnecessary waiting and to increase delivery precision. In this way it will be possible to minimise waste in the form of buffer stocks, and increase availability. Vehicles that operate on the same route cooperate to create optimal flow.

Growing world population and increasing urbanization are leading to significant challenges to solve environmental issues such as congestion, pollution and noise. This autonomous electric commercial vehicles will contribute to more efficient. It will be safer and totally predictable with cloud-based service. It will contribute to cleaner transportation and more quiet.  The electric drivelines means it will get a reduction in CO2 emissions, propulsion is entirely electric with zero exhaust emissions.

Volvo Truck Vera can transport large volumes of goods with existing load carriers/trailers with a highly delivery precision.