Addicted to your smartphone? Use THRIVE

Learn to take back control of your life from your smartphone!

If you are spending to much time on social networks then this tool is definitely for you! THRIVE for Android will help you to take a break from your phone. And since no one will do that so easily will THRIVE ”forcefully” make you to take a break from your smartphone. There are different settings and options to do that, depending on how away you want to be from your apps and friends.

If there is a specific app you want to have a time limit on you can turn it on in the App control list, setting a daily usage limit. Once the daily time limit will be reached you will not be able to do that action anymore. Beyond that, you can trigger the basic Thrive mode for a set period, which stops you using your phone and forces you to focus on something more important. This can be cancelled at any point though. So if you’ve no willpower, try Super Thrive Mode instead, which blocks everything.

THRIVE is currently in beta on Google Play, and is available for free.