World’s first autonomous tram

The world’s first autonomous tram is launched in the city of Potsdam in Germany!

This self-driving tram is developed by Siemens and features mainly with the same technology found in autonomous cars. With a multiple radar, lidar (light from a laser) and camera sensors on-board forming a digital virtual view of the tram and everything that is surroundings during the journey. So it will get a clear view of the traffic environment to make sure the journey will be safe.  AI algorithms allow the tram to respond to trackside signals, autonomously respond to hazards in its path and make stops (though no passengers were picked up for the trial).

Siemens says in a press release that the Combino can interpret tram signals, stop at tram stops, and even react autonomously to hazards like crossing pedestrians and other vehicles.

Siemens Combino tram successfully navigated through traffic as part of an international transport expo. On its first trial transport, Combino performed as expected on its 3.7-mile (6km) route. This included encounters with real traffic, with a human driver at the helm ready to intervene should need be. There was a backup with a human conductor riding along as backup, the tram showed no problems with bikes, cars or trolley that crossed its path.